Cosmetic Dentistry includes several things that can be done according to the condition of every person, who wants to go through it, such as:

It is essential to get healthy and beautiful teeth, going to the clinic every six months to get throughout teeth cleaning, is one of the most important steps that help us to maintain healthy teeth, in which cleaning by removing lime and plaque off the teeth and eliminate the bacteria littering over time, as well as getting rid of the effects of coloration caused by eating, smoking and having caffeine, so cleaning your teeth is a healthy and cosmetic procedure at the same time.

Bleaching is performed at the doctor’s office using laser, where a certain substance is placed on the tooth, at the Clinic the bleaching is done on two sessions, bleaching also can be done in the house by placing a certain substance in the bleaching device, applied for a specified period of time daily, to get the desired result.

in which the person has his teeth, lined with each other to give him an attractive smile and a complete beautiful mouth shape.

This is what the doctor turns too, in the case of tooth decay to protect the structure of the teeth from decay.

It is a cover, placed on the damaged tooth, to cover the whole of it, and this process aims to restore the tooth to its normal size and shape, and it works to strengthen the tooth and improve the appearance.

A common method of compensating missing teeth, designed in a way that is compatible with the teeth in the mouth, which is surgical implants in the upper or lower jawbone to form the basis of the tooth to be grown.