Check-Up Point was established in Istanbul-Turkey, and it was engaged strongly in Hair Transplant, Plastic Surgery and Cosmetic Dentistry.
Aiming for Excellency, we took our first steps by choose the best hospitals to work with; which are equipped with the latest medical technologies alongside with the best-experienced medical team and doctors.
Check-Up Point vows to achieve the best results for their patients to reach their expectations, and provide an exceptional medical care. Our patients’ satisfaction was, is and always will be our priority

Being concerned in a humanitarian medical field makes us committed to doing our work as perfect as it can be done. We are concerned about our patients’ satisfaction and self-confidence as we are fully aware of the “need for change” into our patients’ lives, therefore, understanding our patients’ anxiousness, feelings, reasons, and to deliver them the best results, made our first priority, A new look for a new life, “To be as You Like”.

  • Check-Up Point is amid to become the first choice that comes to your mind whenever you think of a perfect vision of yourself. To see yourself in a different way and to have the confidence you’ve always seek.
  • You do matter, and it means a lot to us to have that amazed look on your face, whenever you look at yourself in the mirror and to feel that joy of finally having your dream come true, and that’s what Check-Up Point was made for.

Our Services

Cosmetic medical services integrated at the highest level and the latest technologies